Dangers Of Corn-By-Products

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The Dangers of Corn By-Products What did America have to eat today? For breakfast, maybe there was some cereal with toast and jam. For lunch, maybe it was a turkey sandwich with chips and a soda to wash it all down. Lastly, for dinner, a big plate of spaghetti might have been on the menu. This sounds like a pretty normal day of food fare for your average American. Well, every single item that was just mentioned contains one or more of a growing list of corn by-products that America has grown to love. The “love” of these by-products is not something that is sought after; it is almost unavoidable. The list of food containing corn by-products is too long to list here and it is their presence in a large number of our everyday food items that…show more content…
Moderation is the key and smart eating can go a long way in helping a dieter achieve their healthy goals. Late night television infomercials, book stores and the internet abound with fad diets, but what really needs to be done can be accomplished with simple and straight-forward eating habits. One’s diet should be packed full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Poultry, legumes and seafood are excellent sources of lean protein. Servings of nuts and cooking with olive oil are great examples of unsaturated (healthy) fats. Dairy is a favorite of many diets and these products can still be enjoyed, but one would be advised to take the low fat route. Also, individuals should try to limit the additional sugars and fats found in soft drinks and fast food (Developing healthful eating habits is not so hard, 2012). Most individuals will find that there can be great joy in eating these products. A lot of them are convenient, fruit can easily be washed or peeled and is quickly ready to eat as a healthy snack, nuts can be packaged quite conveniently and are easily portioned out for another great snack and dairy products are clearly labeled as low fat options while still containing much of the same great taste. Whole grains can also be an easy addition to a diet. Many cereals are labeled as containing whole grain and it can be an unnoticed switch by replacing bread with a whole grain option. American’s…show more content…
Food marketing is frequently looked at as one of the leading causes of America’s obesity problem (Chandon & Wansink, 2012). Some of the unhealthiest foods out there are the ready to eat snack foods high in sugar and fat. The cost of these is undeniably attractive and they taste great. The health effects have been covered in great detail already. Something else to consider is how the nutrition label misleads you. Ingredients such as azodicarbonamide, High Fructose Corn Syrup, E405 and polyoxyethylene-(20)-sorbitan monostearate, all corn derivatives by the way, do not end up on the known list of items to cook with amongst your average American. On top of this, some of the nutrition facts may look helpless enough. Someone might think, “Hey, there aren’t too many calories or grams of sugar in this snack.” What they might not pay attention to is that those numbers are for one serving only. One package may contain, for example, four serving sizes or more. If all of these servings are consumed in one sitting, the nutrition value goes way out of the window. Further education about reading nutrition labels is a must when shopping. If they cannot be avoided, the safe bet is to again eat in moderation when encountering these food types. Developing and following a healthy diet can almost make these mistakes an

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