Health and Social Level 3

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P3,M2,D1 In this assignment i am going to explain possible influences on dietary intake, assess how influences on dietary intake may affect the nutritional health or individuals, then I will make realistic recommendations for minimising negative influences on individuals in specific health and social care settings. Factors that influence Maria’s life style could be health factors which restrict her from dietary choices and nutritional intake, this could underlay her health conditions as she has lactose intolerance where her dairy products within her diet are restricted, this means Maria has to get calcium from other products such as fish, and she also needs to use alternative products for milk such as soya or rice milk. Another health condition of Marias is that she food allergy which in her case is a nut allergy this means Maria is not be able to eat anything that contains nuts or a trace of nuts. Dietary Habits could also influence Maria’s diet such as her meal patterns, Maria works shifts at work this could result dramatically when the she eats, as she doesn’t have regular meal times, and eats at all different times within the day. Maria also snacks which has a massive influence, she snacks when she is bored or waiting for food to cook or even when she becomes peckish, she reaches for a snacks which contains high-fat, salt or sugary foods which could result in Maria becoming obesity. Lifestyle factors can also influence Marias life as she does not get any exercise and eats loads of fatty food, she also lives in a deprived area and will not exercise outside in public, also Maria spend a lot of time with friends social eating and drinking these all impact on the her health as an individual. Maria also has finical problems as she works part time as a cleaner in a care home she works for £6.31 an hour 20 hours a week were she comes out with a monthly wage of £504.80
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