Support Individuals to Eat and Drink

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./Support Individuals to eat and drink HSC 2014 Mary Steer 23/07/2013 1.3 I give care and support to an individual who is obese and is diabetic. This particular client has a tendency to eat sweet foods and pastries. She had in previous time lost some weight which had left her with a roll of excess skin hanging from the bottom of her stomach and the promise of an operation to remove this, pointed us in the right direction. I started to take her food shopping and helping her recognise what foods are good and what are bad. This was done by reading labels and checking fat, salt and sugar content and also by selecting diabetic foods and fresh foods. Sometimes she will still select sweets and then I will explain the consequences of this to her diabetes. So ways to resolve difficulties or dilemmas about the choice of food and drink is about re-educating individuals about what is good and that there are also others choices. 1.4 I would seek additional guidance about an individuals choice of food and drink by speaking to others such has the district nurse, dietician and family this would be done if I had concerns that an individuals diet was compromising their health. For example if my client had high cholesterol and chose to continually eat saturated fatty foods. 3.1 Factors that help promote an individuals dignity, comfort and enjoyment while eating and drinking would be to for them to choose where they would prefer to sit and to ensure that it is safe, hygienic, warm and light. Make it a pleasant quiet experience with no distractions or noise. 4.1 Lots of individuals eat slowly this could be due to wrong fitting dentures, swallowing problems or maybe it helps digestion. To start clearing away before an individual has chosen to finish eating and drinking is firstly rude but also could make the individual feel that they should be finished. Or maybe
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