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Unit 4222-222 Support individuals to eat and drink (HSC 2014) Outcome 1 Be able to support individuals to make choices about food and drink 1. Establish with an individual the food and drink they wish to consume I always check the individuals plan of care and any risk assessments regarding their dietary needs, prior to establishing the food and drink they wish to consume. The individual may have specific dietary needs (eg Diabetic – no sugar) or foods that should be avoided (eg allergies – foods containing peanuts) Their choices could also be influenced by their cultural or religious beliefs. For example they may be vegetarian and abstain from eating meat or Muslim and not…show more content…
For example : If the individual has been recommended a low fat diet by their doctor but the individual insists they want to eat “junk food” it is my role to advise the individual of the content of the food and the consequences of eating it and to repeat this to them on a regular basis. The individual is then able to make an “informed decision” of whether they still wish to consume the meal. It is their right to choose to eat their preferred food. I report the matter immediately and follow my organisations policies and procedures regarding reporting the matter eg note in care plan and report to my manager. This is then discussed with the care team and medical staff responsible for the individuals care. 2.4. Describe how and when to seek additional guidance about an individual’s choice of food and drink. If i feel the individual is eating or drinking foods which will harm their health I inform my manager immediately. The matter will then be discussed with the care team and medical staff involved with the individual’s care. I’m in the best position to notice how well a person is eating or if they are refusing foods listed in their care plan. By discussing with other members of the team and making them aware of the problems you will be able to accommodate their needs in the future

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