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Hard Work Or Hard Luck? Essay

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  • on February 18, 2012
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Hard Work, or Hard Luck?
The Only Thing That Overcomes Hard Luck, is Hard Work
                - Harry Golden

he time is 5 am, and a young boy is already up from his bed, getting over his morning chores. He knows what classes he is going to attend that day, a sign of his dedication. This is the start of a monotonous day in Li Cunxin’s life, whom we all know as the man with the “rags-to-riches story”, at his dance school in Beijing.
We cannot help but have a soft corner for him, now a father of three. His fairytale come true enlivens all of us, and has captured our hearts. But there is one trait of this great human being’s life, one that seldom people look at. That secret is hard work. We don’t realize how far hard work can take us. We might say that luck favoured Li in his achievements in ballet, but had he solely relied on his good fortune, he wouldn’t have been as successful as he is today. Success is the goal one achieves after working hard and putting effort on a chosen process.   For those of you who have read his autobiography ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’, would know what I mean when I say that behind Li’s success, he spent conscientiously all his time and ability.

Today’s generation should realize that success isn’t something that we run into, or rather, that comes to us while we sit on a couch waiting for it. A few weeks ago, I asked my friend what he wanted to become when he grew up. His answer was, “I want to be lucky”. When I heard it, I wasn’t surprised at all, as that is what most people hope for, what most people want: luck. But few have learnt that luck favours those who help themselves.
Practice learning a foreign language. You would want to speak fluently and converse with ease. For that you would have to work hard and spend your time learning vocabulary, and practice by speaking it as much as possible. Not doing so would result in a poor command over the language, and you wouldn’t be able to express your feelings. In a situation like this, luck...

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