Character Analysis In Maestro

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Maestro Practise Essay By Cameron Anderson ‘Both Paul and Keller have few redeeming qualities.’ Peter Goldsworthy’s Maestro demonstrates the good and bad qualities of the many characters throughout the novel. The most notable characters are Paul and Keller. Although both Paul and Keller have little redeeming qualities, they both share similar qualities, which they have learnt from one another. Keller’s regret and guilt is one of the key traits displayed during the novel. His guilt over the death of his beloved wife and son during World War 2 is a crucial event in which shaped the present Keller. He decides to remove his past and begin a new future in Darwin, however he lost some of his previous qualities in order to start fresh. One of these qualities was his love for romantic music. When Paul visits Vienna, he finds out that ‘Eduard loved the romantics.’ However after the concentration camp, Keller had hatred towards them as it clearly reminded him of the horrors he faced during that time. This accentuates how much guilt the man carries among himself and helps define who he truly is during the novel. Paul as well as Keller faces…show more content…
Despite Paul seeing his teen years as a mistake, he fails to realise his achievements through his hard work. Paul’s loyalty to Rosie is one of these key examples. Although his musical career seemed to fail, his love life was of his true successes. He was continually loyal even through the temptations of Megan Murray and ended up marrying and having two children with Rosie. Another example is of Paul’s honour towards Herr Keller. Despite their relationship beginning with a rocky start, he begins to see him not as a villain, but as a god. As it continually developed Paul put in even more work and ‘would play till my hands ached.’ Although his career failed, Keller taught Paul that through dedication, goals can be
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