Quotes From The Kite Runner

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1. “They called him “flat nosed” because of Ali and Hassan’s characteristic Hazard Mongoloid features” (9). There is severe prejudice and racism throughout Afghanistan. The Hazara is the lower class while the Pashtuns are the upper class. The Hazara are looked down upon. 2. “Hassan and I fed from the same breast” (11) Hassan and Amir have been together since birth. Feeding from the same breast explains their connection they have with each other. Despite their difference in social classes, they are practically brothers. 3. “There is no act more wretched than stealing, Amir” (18) This quote from Baba describes a side of his personality. He is a strict man, but teaches valuable lessons to Amir. He is wise and experienced. 4. “The curious thing was, I never thought of Hassan and me as friends either” (23)…show more content…
“Someone had challenged their god, humiliated him” (42) Hassan points the slingshot towards Assef, and it is very significant. Assef is frightened, but more importantly, a Hazara is standing up for himself, not a Pashtun. 7. “I never slept the night before the tournament. I'd roll from side to side, make shadow animals on the wall, even sit on the balcony in the dark, a blanket wrapped around me.” (49) Amir’s insomnia is significant throughout the novel. He becomes sleep deprived when he feels guilty after not helping Hassan. He is also anxious for the tourney. 8. “I ran because I was a coward. I was afraid of Assef and what he would do to me. I was afraid of getting hurt” (78) Although Amir is very young, he hasn’t developed the sense of judgment between fight or flight. Amir witnessed the rape of Hassan, and it will haunt him for a very long time. 9. Then a smile played on my father's lips. He opened his arms. I put the kite down and walked into his thick hairy arms. Although Baba is very judgmental and strict towards Amir, he loves seeing him succeed. Baba is proud of Amir for his victory, for it means a lot to him for his son to win the
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