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Crow Lake: A novel -Family comes first: it is all about love- People achieve variety of successes during life and they do not have to get rich or knowledgeable to be recognized as successful. In Mary Lawson’s book Crow Lake we can see a different success – a success of family and relationship. The story based on a family – the Morrison family – near Crow Lake, a place in Northern Ontario of Canada. There was a tragedy occurred in the Morrison family – Mr. and Mrs. Morrison died in a car accident – at the very beginning of the story that changed the young Morrisons’ life. There are four young children in the Morrison family and at that year. This essay will choose Matt, Kate’s older brother, and Kate as the main characters and analyses…show more content…
When Kate is going to university, Matt has a conversation with her and hopes she can write letter to him and tell him about the studies (Page 273-276). However, as for Kate it is one of the things that she does not want to do the most. She thinks it might hurt Matt and it must be cruel for him because of his lack of university and Kate barely writes to Matt during the university life, let alone the description of her research. However, just because of this, the relationship between them became even stranger. Matt loves his little sister Kate; they used to be really close. They always play together and talk to each other when they were young. Matt wants to share the experiences that Kate has been through but Kate did not understand. Kate was escaping from the real world and she believed that Matt was having a terrible life. During the Simon’s (Matt and Marie’s son) birthday party, there were some conversations between Kate, Daniel and Kate, Marie; Marie told Kate to face the truth that Matt’s life was not a failure, and he love his son, his family and the farm. The most important thing that bothered Matt, however, was that Kate cannot forgive Matt and cannot understand him. Daniel also has made some progress (Page 281-282); he tells Kate to look at real world too; also, Daniel point out that Kate had put the story in a place that was too heavy. Actually, Matt did not change after being a famer. He can be a scholar; however, he just found out he like farming, too. Even before the party, Daniel’s curiosity about Kate’s family helped Kate to recall the past memories and made the path clearer. Kate had a difficult time thinking about the relationship with Matt and the words from Marie and Daniel in Simon’s birthday party; however, in the end, she understood Matt’s feeling and they went back to the ponds together – the estrangement between

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