Gun Control Understanding The Misunderstood Analysis

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“Gun Control: Understanding the Misunderstood” It can be overwhelming to turn on the local news station or flip idly into your Sunday morning paper only to be bombarded with, “So-and-so killed this many with this weapon.” Oh, what a travesty America, how could this have happened? When a sadistic sociopath makes their big break in the world of disinformation usually, they bring about the most discussed question of the past few decades with them. Should guns be controlled? This question is interesting for the fact that in every sense of it, all it takes to get the answer you want is a very local interaction involving a firearm. Craig R. Whitney does a fantastic job in looking into the homeland patrol of guns and ammunition but fails to look at the entirety of the situation. If you boil out the fat of the question you are left with one simple question, “What is your definition of protection?” I believe that the idea of gun control is a myth, unlike Mr. Whitney, because even if you take away the gun there are still many other means as to which a person could create such an impact using the death of others. He states, “… with 30,000 firearms deaths a year…show more content…
Whitney describes the idea that guns do not kill people, but in all reality people kill people. If I had to put money on the horse named Humanity, I would bet for it to win by personal attack. The whole idea he proposes in gun control isn’t to abolish the firearms completely, but to abolish the right of some questionable souls to own them legally. In general, the idea of controlling every gun is ludicrous considering that it would have to go much further than just our simple city streets. Total control of guns would have to push as far as the military fronts, the same people protecting that implied and often interpreted right in our Constitution, would be sent with a knife to a

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