What Is Gun Control Essay

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Austin Hull 2/12/13 English1001 Gun Control Guns have been around for hundreds of years and have offered not only a way to kill game and birds but much more. Firearms have the ability to offer protection but also a variety of sports like skeet shooting, target shooting, and spray shooting to just name a few. They offer a way to escape the hectic world we have and burn off some steam by shooting a few rounds at a few targets down at the nearest shooting range. Betrand Russel had this to say about the hunting sport. “Civilized life has altogether grown too tame, and, if it is to be stable, it must provide harmless outlets for the impulses which our remote ancestors satisfied in hunting”. These arms that are being used for both…show more content…
Sense I have been around a variety of weapons through my life I have seen the devastation first hand that a bullet can do to both targets and game alike. If a weapon that is being used to kill people in war why should we be allow such a weapon in homes across America? A good friend of my family’s is a police officer and has explained to me that if someone were to fire at him with an automatic rifle he would have no real way to fight back because a pistol is no match for an assault rifle and the standard issue shotgun does not shoot as far as an assault rifle bullet can shoot so he is outgunned and has no real defense. It poses a threat to police officers and to citizens alike. A bullet that can go through a deer but also be shot 400 rounds per minute such as the AK-47 should not be allowed to own by a citizen. It is not mandatory to go through a safety course to own a weapon so if someone were to buy an assault rifle or to own one so someone who may feel threatened could ultimately kill many innocent lives because of their ignorance towards these powerful guns. These assault rifles which spray multiple bullets at a time would just make the sport of hunting not a sport anymore. Anyone can go out and kill a deer by using a weapon that can shoot multiple rounds a minute but it takes skill and practice to get that one perfect shot and make it count which makes
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