Gun Control Argument Analyss on More Guns Less Crime Essay

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In today’s society, the United States has followed a strict and unchangeable set of guidelines written at the birth of our country, this powerful document is the United States Constitution. The Constitution is very clear in each and every amendment, however, as time has progressed our society blurs its’ meaning and twists these guidelines to fit their needs. The 2nd amendment most commonly known as our right to bear firearms has created quite the controversy in today’s society. Presently, our government is trying to make much stricter gun control laws and maybe even to the extent of making them illegal. There is not an objection concerning the validity of gun violence, but that is and needs to be seen as an entirely separate issue. It is our right as Americans to bear arms as it has been since our very existence, but that does not mean that by taking our rights away will absolve our country of this issue. John Lott has exceptionally demonstrated the true power of research and statistics. Before coming to a conclusion by opinions that sway an individual or society one way or the other it is imperative to do the research. Lott explains the importance of this in his message to his readers. In the book More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws the author John Lott is trying to get across that having more guns in our society will actually help in preventing crime. The statistics do show the crime rate is in fact affected by the percentage of owned guns in our society. It is affected in a positive way, but it appears on the surface in a negative way. The author brought up how we do not have a definitive number of people that defend themselves from an intruder. There are so many instances that someone is approached by an attacker, the attacker is then confronted by an armed citizen as opposed to a victim. Then, the attacker leaves

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