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Gary Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines Mechille Edmond Stevens-Henager College 29 April 2013 Gary Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines We were asked to do some research on Mr. Gary C. Kelly CEO and President of Southwest Airlines on the corporate cultures amongst other things. I will be explaining my findings about this main and his accomplishments both career and educational backgrounds. I will also be answering the following questions: the corporate culture at Southwest Airlines, What traits and skills does Kelly possess which make him an effective leader, and Identifying Southwest Airlines' core competencies. Gary C. Kelly started his career with Southwest Airlines in 1986 an a controller, then in 1989 he was promoted to CFO and Vice President of Finance, in 2004 he was again promoted to Executive Vice President and Vice Chair, an in 2008 he was promoted again to CEO and Chairman of the Board. He received his B, A, in accounting and is a CPA. The skills and traits that he possesses are human resourcing. Making sure his team has all the proper training knowledge and knows how to make his customers happy. He also believes in making sure his people (employees) are even happier. They are the key to making his business a success, if your employees are happy there is no reason why your customers will want to come back and be serviced by them. Kelly is a great decision maker in these trying economical times. With his decision making skills led him to the innovative idea of bags fly free. Tag that up with his leadership skills and there is no reason why this company wouldn’t be a success. Now I am about to describe to you some of the airlines core competencies: Staffing…employees come first customers comes second. “Hired employee for attitude and trained them for skills Analyzed each job category to determine the specific behaviors, knowledge, and motivations that job

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