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Servicing the customer Jarrod Jones MGT/311 January 10, 2012 Paul Blake As a consultant for Riordan Manufacturing, it is our responsibility to seek out areas within Riordan Manufacturing that need development or process improvement. After reviewing Riordan as a business entity there a few areas that could stand to adapt to the future growing potential this business has to offer. The main area of implementation that will be discussed in this paper is the Customer. Customer service can be detrimental to a business, according to Whittaker (2012), “70% of Americans are willing to spend an average…show more content…
The initial phase will consist of building the upper management of this branch and implementing it into the organizational structure. This structure, to be effective and accomplish our forthcoming changes will have to be an entirely new level or branch so it can assist in all other areas of the business. We cannot quality control the line workers on the product and not our billing or shipping departments. A full spectrum of customer service quality control has to take place for this plane to be effective. An analysis on the current customer base to get a starting point for a later analysis. From that point we can build where individual units or divisions will be placed and what the area of responsibility will be. The initial phase will be implementing the positions and job responsibilities that will be needed to carry out the expansion. This consists of not only writing out a new organizational path but also numerous job descriptions, budgeting, placement, and operational scope for the whole branch. This should take roughly six months. Also we will be writing new policies and practices for the branch to implement. Before the positions become staffed a direct goal and process must be in place. Over the next six months in the next phases we want to assign people to these positions and actually start acting out the processes that have been…show more content…
The only way to correct our wrongs as a business is to know where and what we can correct. Without this branch included there is no way to know how our customers really feel and what quality of product is delivered. We can find areas to improve and grow. There is a saying in marketing that “A happy customer tells a friend, an unhappy customer tells everybody.” Our job is to help Riordan grow. We need as much positive connection between ourselves and the people paying us for a service as possible, it is the best marketing tool at a business’s

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