FIN 370 Week 1 Assignment 1: Ethics And Compliance

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Ethics and Compliance Paper FIN/370 FINANCE FOR BUSINESS Dr. Terry Dowdy Univ. of Phoenix Leslie Morris Mauney, Derek Mazon, Stephanie Landry, Victoria Wilbert, Donna Spoljarick, Tihesha Horton Ethics and Compliance Paper Microsoft In today’s fast pace society corporate America seems to be above scrutiny. The time of the watch dog presence seems to have become lack and almost non existent. Giant corporations offer extremely attractive salaries and bonus packages to their employees. Employees in exchange do a good job but loyalty to the company is the most important thing. One mega giant is Microsoft as a company they boast of integrity, honesty, openness, and personal excellence. The company holds itself accountable to their customers and all of their employees by providing the best product at the most economical price possible. Microsoft is focused on employee training as well as employee promotion from within. These guidelines are the reason that Microsoft feels the employees will do noting to jeopardize the…show more content…
The ratios show that the company had more assets per dollar of debt in 2011 than it did in 2010, though it financed more of its current and short-term liabilities with those assets than in 2010. The company owned $2.60 in assets per $1 in debt in 2011, up from $2.13 in assets per $1 in debt in 2010. The company did not do as well with collecting debts owed it in 2011 versus in 2010. The average time it takes to collect on an unpaid invoice in 2011 was 78.2 days, compared with only 76 days per invoice in 2010. However, despite having more assets per dollar of liability in 2011, the return to each stockholder did not change from 2010. The return on equity for both years was 40.6%. A stockholder would not have noticed a difference in his or her personal income from the company, even if the company was able to increase its assets from one year to the

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