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West Jet Strategy 1. WestJet competes in the air travel market segment with a focus of providing low cost flights to the common traveler, such as friends and relatives. An order qualifier would be the timeliness of the flights. WestJet has achieved the best on-time arrival performance in its market segment which it is able to pass on to customer. As delays will often frustrate travellers, this can make WestJet that traveller’s top choice. An order winner is the low price fares that WestJet is able to provide to customers in order to entice them to fly with them. Bargain-basement airfares may appeal to many travellers and the affordability of fares may be what drives that traveller’s decision on whether to drive, or purchase from another airline. 2. WestJet’s competitive priority relates to cost, quality and delivery. Cost – WestJet has been able to reduce its operating costs through standardization. By purchasing only one type of plane WestJet is able lower both maintenance and training costs, resulting in higher profits. These savings and profits allows WestJet to provide lower cost airfares to its customers, thereby having a competitive advantage over its competitors. Quality – WestJet’s culture emphasizes a fun and friendly atmosphere for all travellers and empowers employees with bottom-up management. Customer service is of the utmost importance to WestJet and is shown in the enthusiasm of it employees, which is yet another competitive advantage over its competitors. Delivery – WestJet has been able to implement changes in its operations with the use of dual boarding and the continued use of the same type of planes. Because of this, they are able to boast that they have the best on-time arrival performance to its competitors within 15 minutes of the original scheduled time. 3. The advantages of WestJet’s original principles include:

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