Frequent Shopper Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods

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Frequent Shopper Program (By) (school) Introduction *Legal Issues*, Kudler Fine Foods faces many issues with the installation of the frequent shopper program. The first issue is that of a legal stand point is that the collection and use of customer data could compromise the customer’s individual privacy. Policies will need to be established to eliminate this risk. According to the Food Marketing Institute a written privacy policy needs to be established to provide the customers with the reassurance that their private data will be protected.(2000) This privacy policy will incorporate the following: Notice- Customers will be informed of how the data will be used. Choice- Customers will be given the choice…show more content…
In order to prevent network congestion a T-1 connection will be needed between Kudlers Fine Food headquarters and the other company branches. This will allow the installation of a central server located at the company’s headquarters. This new server will handle web based sales as well as acquire point of sales data from the multiple company branches. Cisco routers and switches as well as firewalls will also need to be installed at each location to direct network traffic and provide optimal network security. Cost analysis {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} 3 routers/switches {text:list-item} {text:list-item} 3 T-1 connections $1500/month Conclusion With the installation of Kudlers Fine Food’s frequent shopper program, Kudler Fine foods could expect to experience continued economic growth. The frequent shopper program will be nothing but an added asset to this continued growth as long as the ethical, legal, and security issues are met. These issues will continually need to be met in order to maintain this growth and protect the customer’s information in the future. Reference Food Markiting Organization. (2000). Retrieved from Food Marketing Institute, Policy Statement on Consumer Privacy, January 23, 2000. Retrieved from
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