Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Concerns

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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program Concerns Kudler Fine Foods wants to implement a frequent shopping program to monitor the shopping habits of its customers, and increase customer satisfaction with a projected revenue increase of 4.75% over the first year. As Kudler Fine Foods is a high end grocer, the goal of the frequent shopping program will not be centered around cost savings, but as a point system offering exclusive awards similar to credit card point systems. Kudler Fine Foods can increase customer satisfaction by tailoring their inventories around customer’s shopping habits, but some concerns need to be addressed concerning the tracking of individual customer purchases. The management needs to understand how the frequent shopper…show more content…
Smith Consulting Incorporated has been consulted to provide insight on the system build. The main areas to address will be network security to prevent data loss or theft. This could result in the loss of privacy and possibly violate our own terms and conditions to the customers. This could lead to additional costly legal fees, loss of Kudler Fine Foods’ reputation, and a lack of confidence in the company by the affected customers. The loss of data could also lead to competing stores gaining the information for their own use that could result in further revenue…show more content…
When implementing the frequent shopping program great care should be given to ensure it has the highest possibility of success. If implemented correctly, the frequent shopping program will increase customer satisfaction, but failures to protect privacy, treat customers ethically, or secure the program hardware and software will have detrimental effects on the company. References Anthony, C. (1998, September 30). Grocery store frequent shopper club cards: A window into your home. Retrieved from Bachman, J. (2013, October 17). Hotel pricing lawsuit reveals how airlines value frequent fliers. Retrieved from

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