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Riordan Manufacturing Networking and Telecommunications Team B University of Phoenix NETWORK AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONCEPTS NTC 360 Cristobal Candelario Jr. January 10, 2011 Abstract Riordan manufacturing is current reviewing different software engineering corporations to review their current phone and network systems and design and implement the best solution for Riordan Manufacturing. The CEO of Riordan realizes that the current technology in use is dated need of an update which is the reason for seeking the consult of the multiple engineering firms. The results of this study will yield the current networking system used at Riordan Manufacturing and the most current and cost-effective system that must be implemented to bring Riordan…show more content…
Pontiac does not employ switches. This site is connected with hubs and patch panels. The Pontiac network could benefit from replacing the 4 hubs and 3 patch panels with four, 24-port switches for network segregation, and to alleviate network congestion and create Virtual LANs. Albany has three, 24-port switches and a patch panel. This network has enough switches to accommodate the network segregation to support creating VLANs (Team A, 2008). However, in keeping with the goal of standardization in mind the patch panel should also be replaced. Corporate headquarters in San Jose has two, 24-port switches that connect the inter-office network. Two gateway switches connect and translate communications between the LAN and the Satellite and between the R&D LAN and the inter-office LAN. Corporate headquarters could benefit from replacing the 24-port hub with a 24-port switch. In all the networks, replacing the hubs with switches will help to alleviate possible network congestion caused by the hubs rebroadcasting the signal to every device on the network. These changes will provide more bandwidth per channel to accommodate more VoIP phones and other expansion if needed in the future. In addition, the new switches will segregate the single larger networks into smaller Virtual LANs, which will further alleviate network traffic. A disadvantage…show more content…
The costs for the equipment and security devices are essential to Riordan’s business goals and will ensure the company can function without error into the future. The recommendations provided by Team B are backed with extensive research into the company’s network infrastructure and topology and by studying the current market trends. It is imperative that Riordan Manufacturing implement the recommended equipment and software purchases and upgrades as well as the new network topology provided as this will ensure the corporations safety and productivity now and for years to come. References Kozierok, Charles (2005). The TCP/IP Guide, Retrieved March 15, 2008 From http://www.tcpipguide.com/ Juniper (ND) Leveraging MPLS to Enable Deterministic Services in the Cable Core, Retrieved March 13, 2008, From: http://www.juniper.net/solutions/literature/white_papers/200228.pdf Shinoda, Yoichi. (2002). The MPLS advantages. Retrieved March 16, 2007 From http://www.soi.wide.ad.jp/class/20010022/slides/02/47.html Greg, T. Tittel, E. & Johnson, G. (2004) Guide to networking essentials [Electric version] Course Technology; Ch 2 - 14 pp 71-528; Retrieved from University of Phoenix eResource website, Aug. 26,

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