Kudler Fine Foods: Marketing Strategies

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Marketing Kudler Fine Foods Nanette Chambers MKT/421 July 8, 2013 Marketing Kudler Fine Foods In the current retail food industry there are numerous competitors struggling for the same dollar. It is vital for each business to recognize their target market, recognize their competitors and then put together their marketing plan. The information below will detail Kudler Fine Foods marketing strategies which consist of increasing its services, improving its effectiveness of the business and increase consumer purchase cycle. This paper will also talk about areas where Kudler Fine Foods needs to expand their market research. Kudler fine food is a store that markets fine foods and needs to bring about increasing their goods to the…show more content…
Then there are other smaller markets that are comparable such as Sprouts, Trade Joes, and other community markets that can be competitors to Kudler. By researching this it will help to divide in a different class of markets. Differentiation strategy will give the consumer a choice an integrated set of action that the company can designed to produce or deliver goods or services that customers perceive as being different in ways that are important to them. In researching customers needs and what they want gives Kudler Fine Foods an upper quality for…show more content…
Kudler may not have the resources to launch advertising for the company because problems have occurred because of the lack of experience to the target market. Kudler needs a target market to allow the company to focus on marketing dollars and brand communication on a exact markets that is more likely to buy from than or other markets. This is a much more reasonable and efficient, and successful way to make potential clients and generate business. Kudler chain of stores makes them a distinguished factor in the market. This is why a lack of customers will have a huge affect on the growth of the company because of the decrease of the sales in the

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