Baria Case Analisys

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Core Issue Baria Planning Solutions, Inc. core issue is their missed forecast sales productivity target and the drop in renewal rates. They had several opportunities to meet sales target; however, salespeople struggle to provide proposals on time because the sales support team fail to develop high quality proposal on time. Resulting in some complains from customers and prospects about delayed proposals. Problems are coming from the organizational structure, thus, affecting sales productivity and sales targets. The North American Sales is not completely goal oriented, leaving high pressure to salespeople to meet their sales target. And the workload level is unbalanced among their industries: Energy, Government, Manufacturing and Retail. The manufacturing sector is more requested for sales support than the others; however, their process time across sales support is the same. This means that there is inefficiency in operations; if there is less workload in some sectors their process time should be less than the higher workload. The problem in one sentence: BPS failed meeting sales targets and renewals rates because sales departments are not operating efficiently. Let us take a look at the following complications of the selling process and its main causes. 1. Customers complain: Sales support team fails to provide a high quality proposal in a short period of time. Salespeople had to delay presentations by weeks. 2. Sales support workload: Their capacity of analyzing and planning is very limited due to sales deadlines. 3. Sales support difficulties: Lack of visibility into the sales pipeline resulting in late contract renewals. And little control on support requirements to analyze every sales opportunity. 4. Annual staff utilization level: Sales support team is considered medium and low risk of being caught short of staff. They are not

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