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INTRODUCTION Food additives are substances which are added to food for technological purposes. They are not normally consumed as a food in itself. Food additives affect the health of many people, young and old. It also has short and long term effects that people must be aware of. Food additives cause serious harm to the human health and people should ban them everywhere. I. HISTORY OF FOOD ADDITIVES A. ANCIENT TIME USAGE Many food additives have been used for centuries. For example, the Egyptians used vegetable food colorings and the Romans used honey to preserve fruit. Also, during the Middle Ages, salting food was a common practice. Food additives are substances which are added to food for more than one reason. And most food additives are added to color, sweeten or preserve. They are any substance which is not normally consumed as a food in itself whether or not it has nutritive value. (8) B. CURRENT DAY SITUATION Nowadays, most food additives are only used in limited quantities in certain types of food. If there are no quantitative limits for a food additive, it must be used according to good manufacturing practice, to achieve the desired technological effect. There are certain authorizations when adding food additives. When adding them, there should be a technological need for its use. Also, consumers should be informed. And, they must not present a health hazard for consumers.(8-11-12) II. REASONS BEHIND USING FOOD ADDITIVES A. CONVENIENCE METHODS Additives perform a variety of useful functions in foods that are often taken for granted. Since most people no longer live on farms, additives help keep food wholesome and appealing while en route to markets sometimes thousands of miles away from where it is grown or manufactured. (6) B. NUTRITIONAL VALUE Additives also

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