Politics of Food Essay

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Politics of Food Essay #1 In Wendell Berry’s essay, “The pleasures of eating”, he goes into great detail about how people have become lazy and very ignorant about where their food comes from or what they are actually eating. He also goes into detail about how we are eating unhealthy foods as well. Even though most of the things that are sold at a supermarket or a store contain unhealthy things. At first glance, my diet may seem more on the healthy side. My mom looks at the ingredients in whatever she is going to but before she buys it. Even though we do have a lot of food at our house , most of it isn’t pre-prepared. My mom cooks dinner for us just about every night, but we do have a lot of microwavable foods that I eat. I think that it would possible to eat healthier, but my little brother my dad eat the most junk food and drink the most soda. In order to be healthier, we can get rid things like Rockstar, and buy less soda. We can also get rid of some our microwavable foods and junk foods. Even with all the junk food and microwavable foods that we have, our refrigerator is full of vegetables and food that is organic. Since my mom doesn’t work, and my dad does, we don’t really have to worry about not expecting dinner to be ready at night since she’s not really all that busy. We get a hot meal every night that my mom cooks for us, and it’s not just microwave this and that, it’s something that is prepared over the stove. I don’t think that we will be able to grow our own vegetables because we don’t have the space, but my mom does go down to the farmers market every Sunday to buy fresh produce from the farmers there. I think that she could set up a deal with one of the farmers to buy his produce every Sunday, or even with multiple people. We do go to the local supermarket and buy fresh produce over going to a big company owned store like Wal-Mart. Also, when my

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