Field Experience Reflection

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The teacher knows how to build and implement a plan for professional growth directly aligned with his/her needs as a growing professional using feedback from teacher evaluations and observations, data on learner performance, and school- and system-wide priorities. The artifact I chose for this standard is field experience sheet followed by the Eastfield College Children Laboratory Mathematics curriculum planning guide 2010-2011. I received the field experience sheet in my EDEC 3613D: Introduction to Early Childhood Education fall semester of 2011 at Eastfield Community College. The purpose of this field experience was to promote the skills of observation, analysis and reflection the teacher candidates have. The mission was to visit Eastfield College Children Laboratory to observe, reflect to a lesson plan and the material and props…show more content…
The observations were very enlightening and gave me a good perspective of the interaction between the students and the teachers and also helped me observe some teaching and learning skills as they are conducted in real classroom settings. Teachers use different practices to organize their classrooms, interact with students and present the information, and by observing those teachers, I have learned new ways to interact with students and explain the contents of the class. The observations have also affected the way I think about disabled students in terms of the accommodations they need. Although reading and learning about ways and skills to deal with students with special needs was very important, observing actual students with learning and physical disabilities helped me realize the difficulties these student face. I think this will help me in the future to better modify my lesson plans to accommodate all of my students. Reflecting on the practices of other teachers will help me build my own teaching

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