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Final Examination Q1: In your own words summarise the major learning points from the whole of the study programme with particular reference. Supporting the teacher When working in a classroom I should communicate with the teacher before school to make sure I have all resources and equipment are available, usable and ready for the lesson as this give the teacher more valuable teaching time. My major learning points for supporting the teacher are: *Communicating with the teacher *Make sure all resources and equipment are available, useable and ready for the lesson *Understand my role and what my responsibilities involve *Know what is expected of me *Have a good relationship with the teacher *Have good communication skills *Have good listening skills *Have good organisation skills *Be open to new ideas *I should help the teacher implement lesson plans, set achievable targets, set learning objectives and outcomes *Use learning strategies *Evaluate learning activities *Carry out risk assessments *Follow the curriculum *Carry out observations *Follow class room rules *Support children that need extra help *Know all the schools policies and procedures *Keep confidentiality *Use discipline in correct way, in line with the schools polices Supporting the pupil My main learning outcomes for supporting pupils are: *Know the children I work with *Remove barriers that affect their learning *Know the children’s development stages *Be encouraging and use praise *Set realistic and achievable goals *Have the classroom ready to start the lesson *Promote independent learning *Understand children’s social, physical, emotional and educational development *Encourage acceptance of all children *I should know and understand how I can help with: -Signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses -Emotional distress
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