Fast Food Causes and Effects Essay

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Fast Food Causes and Effects Slow down for a minute, our fast-paced world is making us sick. Americans’ addiction to speed shows tough our fast cars, and fast internet connection have also established Fast food as part of our everyday life. But why are people, in recent years, switching to fast food chains/restaurants? Could it be that they purely just enjoy fast food? I believe there are three reasons why people have switched to fast food in recent years, because of its affordability/fast, eating pleasure and social pleasure. Affordability. In the beginning fast food was intended to serve working class citizens at a fair price for food when they were hungry. Today’s economy, has affected every American’s way of living. A lot of people don’t have a job, and those who have a job are not making enough money to paid the rent, car insurance, bills and support their family, which makes fast food establishments the best choice, for only a few dollars a family can consume enough food to be satisfied. Fast food convenient locations help customers save their time. People like me with a 40 hours a week job, fulltime student and a part time babysitter find it hard to cook a meal for lunch and dinner. Even making a sandwich before I leave my house is a stretch, so the alternative is to find something quick because of busy schedules, and the easy way out is to go to the nearest fast food chain, get in the drive thru line, and in only a few minutes or less, your heading back to the hectic lifestyle with food that not only took five minutes but is going to taste great, and that’s the way a major part of our society these days is living, they are “too busy to cook”, they have meetings to attend, degrees to earn, overtime to work. Fast food for people who don’t know how to cook is the best alternative; I have many friends whose parents never taught them how to cook. Now

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