Fashion Of The Fifties

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Fashion of the Fifties This decade opened up a wide variety of original and distinctive styles, which was presented with a classic new twist. World War II was over, time was peaceful yet prosperous. More money would be spent on fashion, and a whole world of new materials would be available to designers, or anyone who wanted them. Women are said to have dressed “smartly” in the 1950’s. Acting and looking like a lady was taught to young girls from the time they were born. Women were expected to tend to household chores; but look feminine and dainty while doing it. An ideal wife was portrayed in the kitchen with a full skirt, frilled apron, a slim body, with stiletto heels; that is not what every housewife wore though. They would usually wear a wrap dress, or just an everyday dress. The Figure- 8, also know as hourglass shape of women was accentuated at this time. Working women also kept their femininity intact, they wore close-fitting skirt suits that accented their curves. They accompanied this outfit by wearing veiled hats with feathers, gloves, and small purses. The poodle skirt is most associated with fashion of the 1950’s, but it was by no means what all the women were wearing. Pleated skirts that gave off the tailored look were favored at this time, and hemlines were to the knee, or just below it. Almost every woman owned a pencil skirt. It was considered glamorous because it highly accented a woman’s figure. The ending of World War II meant that there was a mass production of clothing. This gave women the chance to buy designer inspired evening wear for the first time. “Fantasy” dresses were very popular. This was fueled by Hollywood. The style of evening wear was only limited by one’s imagination. More simple, sophisticated gowns were worn at events. An example would be a teen’s formal prom. Shawls were a very common

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