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During the 20th century, many women were often overlooked fir their intellect and capabilities but Coco Chanel changed the way how people perceive women. She was born on August 19, 1883 in the Auvergne region of France. When she was a young child, her mother died and her father abandoned her. Leaving her to be raised in an orphanage. Although, she grew up poor, she still had dreams of escaping from the poverty to pursue her career. When Coco was 18, she didn't find any glamour in being a seamstress so she opened her own tailor shop. When she met her love Balsan, she began to start her own line of hats. She grew interest in designing hats for women who doesn't need to dress up for men. After she parted with Balsan, she became involved with Arthur Chapel who financed her expansion for her lines of designs. From his help, he was able to provide her two boutiques in Brittany, Deauville. Her expansion had made such a great impact because she made women's apparel comfortable. Women in the 20th century were expected to dress in tight corsets, but she made these corsets more comfortable and breathable. Moreover, she even changed the style of dressing by designing jersey for outerwear. Also, she created one of the most popular designs called "the little black dress". She created the ideal of wearing a dress for day to night. In addition, she created a famous fragrance called "Chanel No. 5" which still in use until this day. At the age of 70, she closed all her shops and began to contribute her help in World War 1I. After staying in Paris and being involved with a German officer, she eventually became unpopular by many critics. Soon she felt the need to triumph in her success, so she debuted her collections in suits. Her career soon embellished when she released her lines of clothes, shoes, accessories, and perfume. The main

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