Femininity of Menswear

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Before the 20th century women rarely wore trousers and never blazers. This changed when Gabriel “Coco” Chanel decided to turn fashion upside down. Chanel catered to women’s needs and wants, rather than what was believed to be in style. Gabriel Chanel believed, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” Therefore the corsets and hobble skirts that preceded Chanel’s reign of style were not deemed luxury to the designer. Coco Chanel created sweaters of jersey and a women’s blazer that are still impactful. Chanel began her fashion career with jersey sweaters. Jersey was a fabric commonly used for men’s undergarments and only men wore sweaters; however with the onset of World War I, women needed more practical and comfortable clothes. Chanel delivered. The sweaters allowed women to move freely and the fabric was comfortable enough to wear all day and even work in. Chanel’s “little boy look” continued with her creation of the women’s blazer. Chanel’s inspiration for a blazer for women is said to come from Coco Chanel’s experience at Arthur “Boy” Capel’s polo game. Capel lent Chanel his blazer on a chilly day as she watched him play polo. After the event she created a suit with "boxy lines.” “The typical suit… has braided trim and a slim skirt lined with a gold link chain. The buttons either resemble coins or are gold with the double "cc" logo displayed amid them. There is always a ribbon sewed in the waist of the skirt to prevent the blouse from slipping and the zipper is placed on the side of the skirt to enable comfort. In a sense, wearing a Chanel suit is like wearing a customized ornate costume, made to fit so that when the wearer moves, the suit still maintains perfect grace and elegance.” This blazer is expertly designed with an emphasis on ease of wear. Women everywhere wanted a Chanel suit to represent their liberation. Chanel impacted the

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