Fame: Advantages/Disadvantages

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Fame We’ve all wondered what our lives would be like if we lived the glamorous life of the rich and famous. People often think that if you are someone wealthy and well known, you automatically have a wonderful life with no worries or problems. However, is being a celebrity really all that great? There are definitely some advantages of being famous, but there are also negative aspects as well. The greatest advantage is that celebrities are usually well off and have easier lives that most people. They are also able to afford and live in beautiful, enormous mansions that are maintained by housekeepers, gardeners, cooks and servants. Not only do they invest money on gorgeous homes, but also spend money on designer clothes and electronics that cost a lot of money. They also drive the latest models of fast and luxurious cars that can worth more than $500,000. Furthermore, many advantages come with being famous. Being well known brings the privilege of being able to travel around the world. They are constantly experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and trying out new cuisine. Another huge perk of being a famous person is having VIP access to many events and venues. Celebrities are also recognized everywhere they go. They can get into restaurants without reservations and be used a spokesperson for a product, which they can earn thousands of dollars from. Although being a Celebrity sounds like an amazing lifestyle to some people, there are some drawbacks. One of the most negative aspects of being a celebrity is having to deal with paparazzi’s. They have no privacy whatsoever and are always under the scrutiny of the public eye. It is also hard for them to find true friends. Celebrities have to be careful with what they say and do, to keep a clean public image. Everything celebrities do are always
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