Justice System Cake Model Essay

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Nicholas Barnard Paper 1 The justice system and the way they go through with the prosecution process can be pretty complicated, but with the “wedding cake” model theory cases in the court can be better understood. This model is based upon a four layer cake and each layer of the cake is a level of offense in the justice system. Samuel Walker a justice historian and scholar came up with the idea of the “wedding cake” model. The four levels are represented by level one being on top and consisting of celebrated cases or cases that involve a lot of media attention, the second level is the serious felonies, the third being less serious felonies, and the bottom and fourth level being misdemeanors. The first level of the cake otherwise known as celebrated cases by the model are built around the wealthy and famous people that receive a lot of TV, radio, and newspaper coverage when caught doing something against the law. These people are normally given the complete criminal justice procedures, including competent defense attorneys, expert witnesses, jury trials, and elaborated appeals. The people in this level of the cake have a lot of money and are able to pay for all of the fancy procedures they are allowed in court that most of your average people would not be able to. With all the media coverage, these people are normally told to have been sober and very smart people that would not be doing anything that they would not be supposed to. An example of this type of trial is the trial of Michael Jackson who was accused of raping little boys at his home amusement park called “Never Ever Land.” The second level down consists of the serious felonies that were done by average people such as rape, murder, robberies, and burglaries. These cases are thought to be very serious by the police and jury in which will receive full attention by the justice system. These felonies

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