Rhetorical Analysis of Southwest Airlines Advertising

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Southwest Airlines is widely recognized for its advertising and the rhetoric used in them. A great example of an effective print advertisement is of a Southwest Airlines jet flying in a blue sky over an endless white maze. In the bottom right is the company’s logo. The top in black lettering states “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” In the middle, below their planes, it says “Don’t tell our competitors.” Finally towards the bottom right below the logo it has the airline’s slogan from the time of the advertisement, “Simply fly.” The advertisement is effective because of the company’s credibility, the simplicity of the advertisement, and that flying with Southwest Airlines is easier and more enjoyable than with their competitors. The advertisement can easily be identified as one for Southwest Airlines because the company’s logo located in the bottom right. The add appeals to the ethos of many people who view it because they can easily and simply identify the airline’s logo. The airline is one of the most widely recognized airlines in the United States. The company has a solid reputation of affordable, no-frills service, and a high degree of customer satisfaction. It is consistently ranked as one of the top Fortune 500 brands. Southwest is renowned in the airline industry for its short turnaround time on arrivals and departures, and on-time flights. Many people recognize the reputation Southwest Airlines has in the airline industry and it appeals to many customers and potential fliers. The reputation and recognition of Southwest Airlines is enough to support the ad. The advertisement goes after the common sense of the reader because it is very simplistic. Instead of using data, facts, or any statistics it uses simplicity. The add makes the statement that flying from point A to point B is easier with Southwest Airlines than on one their

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