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US Airways Group – Final Simulation American Military University BUSN 310 US Airways Group – Final Simulation US Airways Group is an active member within the airline industry. US Airways Group’s domestic environment is the United States, however, it conducts business in many countries worldwide. Although US Airways Group is listed on the Forbes 500 list of least admired companies; the company has still been capable of generating large revenue. US Airways is least admired in many categories, consisting of: innovation, people management, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, management quality, financial soundness, long-term investment, and product quality. It comes to a surprise that US Airways Group is capable of doing so well despite the low quality of service they seem to provide. US Airways Group has recently merged with a competitor within the airline industry, American Airlines, and the two companies are expected to do very well as a team. The airline industry is one of a kind, as it does not have very much competition within the industry. As US Airways Group has shown; the little amount of competition makes it easy to do well even with poor service. The airline continues to grow and keep companies like US Airways Group in business mainly due to the rapidly growth of the industry. The industry has averaged a seven percent growth per year in the past decade (The Airline Industry, n.d.). Due to recent terrorist attacks that have happened on United States soil and around the world the airline industry and the business it provides has become highly regulated. There are several agencies that keep a close eye on the airline industry to ensure a safe business environment. Some of the agencies that the airline is governed by are the: Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security
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