Persuasive Essay: Welcome To The Jersey Shore Home

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Jersey Shore Salary Big hair poofs, fake tans, a couple of big egos, and no respect, welcome to the Jersey Shore house. While the rest of America is out working hard to earn their money to afford the necessities, there are some people who think that paying millions of dollars to eight people who do nothing but set a bad example seems to be a smart idea. Anyone with cable television can watch MTV and their reality show Jersey Shore. Sami Sweetheart, Nicole, Mike, Pauly, Ronnie, Vinny, Jenni, and Dena are the members of this show. While Jersey shore may be an entertaining show, they are overpaid to just party and being bad influences. MTV on the other hand may say that whether people like it or not they are getting tons of ratings and the cast deserves what they get. They may believe…show more content…
The younger generation think that is what they should do since that is what they see on TV and the internet. state “Reality shows have become very popular and teens have begun to realize that you can become famous just by being a bad girl, teen mom, or a crazy party animal who likes to do nothing but drink and “smush,” like the cast members on Jersey Shore.” Shows like this are giving teens the wrong idea. Why should the cast be paid so much for setting a bad example? This country is supposed to be looked up to as a great clean country. With shows like this on air for the world to see it is a disgrace. This country is well over dry on money, yet, we can spend millions on each of these cast members who do nothing but party and be belligerent drunks. According to the Jersey Shore cast is getting paid $100,000 an episode and there is 13 episodes in a season, don’t forget to include their appearances, advertisement, exedra. America claims to be out of money and needs help yet we are supplying millions of dollars to people who don’t deserve

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