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“Touro University International” Jannie Harp ETH 501 MOD 1 Martha Stewart Professor: Dr. Steven Gold Martha Stewart handled the indictment improperly, because she knew she would have lost 51,222 dollars. Martha Stewart gained approximately 228,000 dollars from the information obtain from Peter Bacanovic. (Martha Watch) Martha Stewart being a member of the Board of Governors knew the laws of trading. Stewart holds a Series 7 license as a licensed stockbroker; she knew her actions may have well been illegal. She's not just some innocent who made a mistake or wanted to save her investment. People have been banned from the industry for far less. While it may not seem like a big…show more content…
Martha felt the government was out to get her, because she was a successful woman in a business world of men. Martha was fairly and appropriately targeted because of her celebrity. Maintaining ethical and legal norms is one of the jobs of the government, and the prosecution of prominent people makes a much greater impact on everyone else than the anonymous prosecution of an average citizen. Cheating and lying to the government about it is, sadly, too widespread to apprehend everyone doing it. The next best thing is to make an example out of a famous person like Martha. Martha Stewart’s unethical practice caused her company to slump. Martha Stewart made several false statements. On February 4, 2002 Martha Stewart stated that at the time when ImClone Systems was trading at approximately 74 dollars per share. Stewart and Peter decided she would sell her shares for 60 dollars per share. On December 27, 2001 Stewart said, “She did not know whether the phone message Bacanovic left for her was record.” (Martha Watch) Stewart knew, but concealed and covered up the message was recorded in the phone message log. Stewart also stated she talk with Bacanovic. Stewart knew but concealed and covered up she spoke to Douglas Faneuil, not Bacanovic. Stewart also was apart of a conspiracy willing fully and knowingly tried to hamper the SEC investigation on her stock sale by providing misleading information.…show more content…
Many business people rely on who they know and not what they know. Martha’s broker Peter was some that made large amount of money doing business with Martha. Peter looked at what he could benefit from helping his friend and business counterpart. Martha has been a money making woman all her life, so making one decision to sell some bad stock cost her to be put in to the public eye as a person who cares only about the well being of maintaining a millionaire status. Martha Stewart was convict on everything but what she went to insider trading. Many time money controls our ethical decision making skill. When thinking about poor American citizen who by her products. I think she took advantage of her fan by lying. Many moral and ethical dilemmas will curve our decision on what is right and wrong. Martha made her decision not thinking about the outcome of the situation. Martha Stewart has made great living in the business world that why when she was sentenced to jail her fan and business still survived the convictions. Martha was offered a job by Donald Trump to host The Apprentice, and Sirius Satellite Radio. Martha still does business with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and K-Mart. This just shows how the rich can afford to get convicted and live prosperous life. Many time we past judgment on outer people live not looking at how we are living our lives as ethical people. Martha is a person that

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