Executive, Bureaucracy, Economic Policy, And Foreign Policy Essay

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Name: Period: AP US Government Unit 4.2 – Content Guide The Executive, Bureaucracy, Economic Policy, and Foreign Policy (_____/34 ½) NOTE: THESE TERMS ARE NOT NEEDED FOR CREDIT 1. Twenty-second Amendment 2. Impeachment 3. Watergate 4. Twenty-Fifth Amendment 5. Cabinet 6. National Security Council 7. Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) 8. Office of Management and Budget 9. Veto 10. Pocket Veto 11. Presidential coattails 12. War Power Resolution 13. Legislative veto 14. Crisis 15. Civil Servants 16. Patronage 17. Office of Personnel Management 18. Weberian Model 19. Bureaucracy 20. Cabinet 21. Cabinet Departments 22. Independent Regulatory Agency 23. FCC 24. FTC 25. SEC 26.…show more content…
What advantages does the president have over those two other federal bodies? 5. One of the keys to the power of persuasion is the power to accomplish what mission? 6. Why might presidents look back at the Cold War as an era of stability, authority and glamour? Lanahan pp. 231-238: “With the Stroke of a Pen” (____/ 3 ½) 1. What is an executive order? 2. Where have presidents used executive orders? Cite three examples 3. Why do presidents turn to the executive order? 4. Why don’t political pundits like executive orders? 5. How does the Supreme Court view executive orders? 6. What area policy has seen the greatest increase in executive orders? 7. What constitutional institution has been threatened by the growth of executive orders? Lanahan readings: pp. 249-255 “. . .A Government of Strangers” (____/ 3 ½) 1. What is the purpose of a bureaucrat? 2. Why is the bureaucracy such a mystery? 3. Why does the president find the bureaucracy so frustrating to the implementation of policy? 4. Define Iron Triangle? 5. How can a bureaucrat sabotage his president? 6. How can a president respond to such sabotage 7. Why is the bureaucracy often referred to as a

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