What Is Great Leader

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Huiqing Chen Essay LDR6135 May 17, 2014 What is great leader There are some clear characteristics that are found in good leaders,and ethical must be the most important one. A leader drives and influences the followers to achieve a common goal, be it in case of teamwork, organizational quest, or any project. It is an ethical job of the leader to treat his followers with respect as each of them has unique personality. The ethical environment in an organization is built and developed by a leader as they have an influential role in the organization and due to the fact that leaders have an influence in developing the organizational values. “In short,ethical behavior is generally about doing the right thing,the right way ,for the right reason”(Ciulla,5). This paper is talking about the traits or characteristics that an ethic leader should have. 1. Honesty Honesty is essential and vital to be an ethical leader. Honest leaders can be always relied upon and depended upon. They always earn respect of their followers. An honest leader presents the fact and circumstances truly and completely, no matter how critical and harmful the fact may be. He does not misrepresent any fact.“What makes honesty the best policy,because of trust. It is trust that makes the business world possible…Business is all about trust. Dishonesty violates trust and raises suspicions”(Ciulla,36). Here is a dishonest leadership example about the CEO of Yahoo. Scott Thompson the CEO of yahoo cheated to the public that he had earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science when in fact he only had a degree in accounting. What was even worse was that he tried to cover it up by first claiming innocence. Scott blamed the erroneous resume on the executive search firm. From there, Wall Street Journal Article Yahoo CEO’s Downfall states, “Ultimately, Mr. Thompson’s comments, some
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