Jfk Presidential Performance Report Card

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Presidential Performance Report Card Introduction: The President is often one of the most criticized or praised positions in American government. Part of this arises from his responsibility to fulfill many different roles, thus meeting many different expectations. These roles include: 1. Chief Legislator: Famous legislation? Strength of relations with Congress? 2. Commander-in-Chief: Any military events? Defense policy? 3. Chief Executive: How did the government function? Any noted appointees? Was the President flexible or highly organized? 4. Head of State: How did the President present himself? Famous appearances? Speeches? 5. Chief of Party: Did the party win the midterm elections? Any famous campaigning? Did the party work together with the President and Congress? 6. Guardian of the Economy: How was the economy? Any policy initiatives? 7. Chief Diplomat: Foreign policy? Any special dignitaries hosted? These roles become clearer as they are seen in execution. The presidency is the part of government best understood by studying it through history. Assignment: You will gather research and present the information in a jig-saw group about the president you have signed up to learn about. Step 1: Understanding these roles, research instances from each presidency. Make sure you log in where you took each piece of information. You should use three (3) or more different sources, and not more than fifteen (15). Step 2: Type or handwrite your researched material onto the sheet provided for you (see next page). Step 3: If you wish to present in a PPT format for extra credit, it should be formatted as such: 1. Dedicate at least a slide to each role; these slides should have a grade as well as the evidence and analysis supporting that grade 2. One slide should be dedicated to the background of the President before entering office 3. One slide
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