Article II Is The Constitution Essay

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16. Articles II is the Constitution’s? A. Judicial Article B. Presidency Article C. Legislative Article D. Executive Article 17. Imperial Presidency paints a picture of the president as an? A. chief executive B. Commander of Chief C. Emperor D. Chief of State 18. When is the President sworn in the oath of office? A. on 1st day of office B. on the 2nd day of office C. on the last day of office D. on the 16th day of office 19. A direction, rule, or regulation the has the effect of law is ? A. Ordinance power B. Executive order C. Appointment Power D. Removal power 20. A formal agreement between two or more sovereign states? A. Executive Agreement B. Persona Non Grata C. Treaty D. Pardon 21. When…show more content…
The President be given the power to cancel specific dollar amounts in spending bills enacted by Congress is what type of veto? A. entire – item veto B. Line- item veto C. Side- item veto D. straight – item veto 23. Which act gave the President the power to reject individual items in spending bills, and to eliminate any provision of a tax bill that benefited fewer than 100 people? A. entire – item veto B. Side- item veto C. Straight –Line veto D. Line- item veto 24. The pardoning powers include which of the following? A. power to grant conditional pardons B. Power of commutation C. All of the above D. Power of Amnesty 25. The power to reduce the length of a sentence or a fine imposed by a court is? A. the power of commutation B. Power of Amnesty C. None of the above D. A & B 26. What are the three features of a Bureaucracy? A. Job specialization B. All of the Above C. Formalized rules D. hierarchical authority 27. Out of the following groups which doesn’t belong to the executive branch is composed of ? A. Administration B. the executive office of the president C. the 15 cabinet department D. a large number of independent

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