3 principals of the Constitution

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Three Principals of the Constitution There are six different principals that hold together the constitution. They all have there own separate rule in government today. Some of them are more important to people than others are. Principles are what hold the government together and it also holds together the constitution. Many people have argued about the most important principals of the constitution, and many have expresses their viewpoints. I believe the three most important Principals of the constitution are Separation of powers, Checks and balances, and Popular Sovereignty. The first Principle we will look at is Separation of powers. What this principle means is that each different branch of the government has different responsibilities; this system is put into effect so to prevent one branch to become to powerful over the other. I believe that this principal of the Constitution is very important because without this put into effect the senate of the president could become much too powerful and overthrow the whole government and we would be in a dictatorship or we would be in a direct democracy or some other form of government. The second principal of the Constitution that I believe that is the most important is that of Checks and Balances. This Principal makes it so that each branch of government has some different control over another type of government. This principal is important to society today and I believe that our government would fall apart without it, because without it the branches of government would be able to do what they wanted and they would easily be able to become much to powerful that’s why veto’s and overrule veto’s were created. Also that is why the President is able to appoint judges in the court and how the courts are able to declare other branches unconstitutional. That is why I believe that checks and balances is a principal of the
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