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Week 19 CST- L3 Example group training supervision agreement Group Agreement What is the purpose of group training supervision? The purpose is to discuss any issues or blocks we have in practice. It will not be about the academic work. How often and for long will the group meet? Meet once a month, giving two cases a half an hour for each case. How will time be structured? Ten minutes for presentation with twenty minutes feedback from the group. What “ground rules” will be implemented? No interruption within the ten minute presentation, no overlapping or speaking over other members. Nominate one to facilitate. So if someone is unable to meet that and it was their turn to present their case, they will do so the following month. What is the confidentiality agreement? Issues can be taken to our personal supervisors, but immediate attention for issues can be taken straight to the tutor, in which a breech of confidentiality is necessary after discussion with the person involved. What will group members do to help each other learn?. We will be there to give constructive feedback, discuss other options, reaffirm positive actions and to offer alternative approaches and share resources. How will difficulties and conflicts be dealt with? The timekeeper will remind of ground rules. If the situation escalates session may need to be cut short and the person presenting their case will be given time to debrief and then taken to the tutor. How will the group training supervision be evaluated? After the first session we will evaluate and download evaluation sheet and then have an evaluation after the 4th, 8th and 12th week. Signed tutor……………………………….......................... Signed group

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