Evaluation Essay on Uluwehi Cafe

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Jayleen Kaululaau-Cruz K. Fujioka-Iamai English 100 October 21, 2012 An Affirmation Cafeteria Do you find yourself off campus eating out a lot? Uluwehi cafeteria would be a good choice for your next visit. Uluwehi cafe mostly known as an “in and out” is a good student oriented cafe to eat at. It has been around since spring 1969. The cafeteria has of course a fast food restaurant style to it, but with fancier food than most cafeterias. Uluwehi is a quality cafeteria based on their location, atmosphere, food quality, cleanliness, and their service. When I am deciding whether a cafe is good or not I look if it has a good location, good atmosphere, food quality, cleanliness, and outstanding service. The location of the cafe needs to be convenient, low traffic, and enough sufficient room to sit and enjoy your meal. Also, the atmosphere needs to be welcoming and calm. The important thing is the freshness of the food, and the food being cooked to perfection as well as the right temperature. In addition the cafe needs to be well kept and have clean floors, tables, and utensils. The most important criteria would be that the service must consist of how fast my order is, and the overall quality of the cashier. The location of the cafe is always a big factor in whether or not I continue to eat there. Uluwehi cafeteria is located on Leeward Community College on the ground level, next to the book store. The walk to the cafe is okay, but it can get tiring on an exhausted day. When I walked into Uluwehi I always feel greeted by everyone’s big smiles on their face and laughter’s. There was not a big line to have to stand in to get my food. The atmosphere was welcoming, but at times a bit confusing for someone that is new to the campus. I found myself not knowing what direction I should really be going in. There needed to be some instructions posted on what direction I

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