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Case Study Two Case Study: “Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant” Brief Summary of the Study: Jose’s Mexican Restaurant is a small 58-seat restaurant that offers a wide range of authentic Mexican food. The atmosphere, music and decor of the restaurant is traditional Mexican style. Location is favorable as well as they are located in a mature business district on the edge of a large metropolitan area. The restaurant follows Mexican tradition of having an all-male wait staff. Jose’s enjoys a full business during the week and has waiting lines during the weekend hours. The menu at Jose’s consists of 23 main entrees that are made from 8 basic stocks, Chicken, beef, beans, rice, corn and floor tortillas, tomatoes and lettuce. Before the dining begins, the cook prepares these basic stock items so that plates can quickly be assembled upon ordering. Food is double checked before it reaches any of the diners for accuracy in the order and pleasing to the customer’s eye. Once food is served, the wait staff continues to monitor the table for any additional needs and removes any empty dishes and offers dessert and coffees. When the meal has been total complete, the waiter offers the bill and collects payment. Ivan Karetski is one of Jose’s wait staff. He is a struggling grad student who likes to be busy as this generates the most tips. Ivan maintains a good working relationship with the cook as he knows the cook controls the quality of food. Recently Jose’s conducted a customer survey to find out how service and food rates. 1. How should quality be defined at this restaurant? Quality is defined by service, experience and customer satisfaction. The food needs to meet or exceed the customers’ expectations. The experience is on how the location fits the authentic décor, music and tradition. And most importantly the customer satisfaction must meet or

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