Examples of Bribes vs Gifts Essay

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To help illustrate the difference between bribes and legitimate gifts, let’s look at a few potential scenarios to see how fuzzy this boundary can be. The situations posed should generate discussions and solutions will be left to the reader. I. During a sales visit, a sales representative offers you a coffee mug with his company’s name logo on it. The value of the mug is RM5.Can you accept this item? Does the answer to this question change if this item is a RM350 crystal bowl with the name of company engrave on it? How about if there is no name engraving on it? If the coffee mug with the company name engrave on it is present as souvenir to their loyal customer, it is acceptable. But if the same item higher price quote will be considered as special memorial gift from the company to me. This situation can explain that the sales representative look me as highly valuable person with respect. While if the same item without the company name engrave on it, in opinion it could some bribes in form of gift is presented to do something against or to appreciate the wrong deed done before behalf the sales representative. II. Your meeting with a sales representative is running into the lunch hour. She invites you to go for lunch. You go to a fast food restaurant and pay for you own lunch. Is this practice acceptable? Does the answer to this question change if you go to expensive French restaurant? If she pays for the lunch? Fast food restaurants are the perfect place to sit and talk about while having lunch. The cost of purchasing a meal in fast food restaurant isn’t expensive and yet the service is good enough. The place is also clean and tidy to be seat comfort. And if I pay for my own for my meal is still acceptable because somehow I have to take my lunch .And if the situation goes the other way as the sales representative invites for lunch in French restaurant

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