Burger King vs Mcdonald's

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Burger King VS McDonald’s Burger King and McDonald’s are both fast food restaurants that provide customers with an easy drive thru window. When families have very little time to prepare a cooked meal at home, they most often opt for a fast food drive thru. Hitting up the drive thru at Burger King or McDonald’s, makes life just a little easier for the family on the run. People choose these types of places mostly for their fast pace, not for the quality of the food they receive. Also, because places such as Burger King and McDonald’s cost less than a fancy dining place, they feel they are getting a big bang for their buck. Some people when dining out at a fast food restaurant like to choose McDonald’s because, some of the McDonald’s restaurants have a playground inside that children can play on while their parents eat and have adult conversations, Burger King does not have this option. McDonald’s started its business in 1940, and serves about 68 million people on a daily basis. They also have restaurants in 119 countries, with 34,000 restaurants in the world. They also employ 1.7 million people. Burger King opened its business in 1953. They have 13,000 restaurants in 79 countries, and serve 11 million people daily. Burger king VS McDonald’s, although very similar, they have many differences, such as the way each of their burgers are cooked , their signature sandwiches, taste in French fries and sizes, and slogans/advertising. While Burger King and McDonald’s both have the same types of foods, each of them are very different at the same time. For starters I will start out by saying that each place cooks their burgers differently. Burger King Flame broils their burgers. The burgers get placed on a rolling rack, that rolls them through a fire and by the time they get to the end of the rack the burgers are ready to be made into a sandwich. McDonald’s grills their

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