What Timpact Is the Use of Ethical Food Having on the Food and Hospitality Industry? Essay

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What impact is the use of Ethical food having on the Food and Hospitality industry? Ethical food is gradually having an increasing impact on the food and hospitality industry. The use of ethical products is being included on menus of both local restaurants and fast food franchises. The understanding of ethical products is progressively increasing and being embraced by dining establishments. Ethical food refers to products which are produced in a way which all are treated fairly, including human rights, animal rights and the environment. The ethical consumer guide follows five principles to follow for consumers and lists the freedoms ensured for ethical producers. The Hilton Hotel in Adelaide chooses to use free range products as the quality is higher. For other restaurant such a Ruby’s Café in Stirling and Wild Thyme in North Adelaide this may be in the first steps to becoming certified organic. “At Wild Thyme we understand the superior taste of organic foods and are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality produce available.” wildthyme.net.au, 2010 Commonly used fair trade products are coffee and chocolate, as these foods are usually produced in third world counties. Fair trade certification focuses on the idea of fair terms for farmers and workers in developing counties to improve control over their own lives. The rainforest alliance is another organisation which limits the certified farmer from cutting down unnecessary amounts of forest, strictly outlining the minimum wage and ban of child labour. Fair-trade and rainforest alliance certified products can be identified by the following logos. Dining establishments identify the use of fair-trade products on their menu however; businesses depend on customer recommendations and word of mouth reputations. Local restaurants and cafes are successfully embracing the inclusion of ethical products

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