Evaluating Year-Round Schooling

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Nettles 1 Darren Nettles English 1110.01 Professor Angela Romines Word Count 1260 Evaluating Year Round Schooling Students would benefit far more from a year-round schedule than taking the entire summer off. With year-round schools, students' time-management skills would greatly improve. Having the summer away from academics, students forget about half of what they've learned. Then, students spend a lot of time reviewing lost skills within the first three weeks of the new school year. It seems pointless to have learned and then lost knowledge from the year before. Currently, schools in America are experimenting with year-round schedules. The year-round schedule would benefit students on ACT or SAT tests. A consistent academic setting…show more content…
This point may have some truth behind it because students would be having one right in the middle of their current school schedule. But the actual learning time would increase. After breaks, the students would be refreshed and ready to listen better. Also, students won’t have to relearn what they forget over the summer since they would only be out of school for three weeks at a time. When they return after these short breaks, they would be ready to pick up where they left off. California is focusing on year-round schools. There, students must attend school throughout the year, but they receive longer breaks and shorter days. For example, in Oxnard, Calif., school districts switched to a year-round school calendar in 1976 and in nine years showed a significant increase in testing…show more content…
School should be students' number one priority and nothing should change that. By having year-round school schedules, we not only benefit the current students, we also benefit the future of America. Seemingly endless sunny days are filled with friends, adventures, and new experiences. Most teenagers anxiously count down to these all-too-short three months and live them to their fullest when summer finally debuts in June. However, what would happen, if this refreshing break from constant studying suddenly disappeared? In districts across the country that have adopted year-round schooling, students have found out. A schedule in which students attend classes for 12 months, interrupted by short breaks, isn't worth the

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