Year-Round School, Good or Bad?

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Year-round School, Good or Bad??? Having way too much to do in a day can cause even the sanest people to go insane, this in turn can lead to miserable students and gloomy teachers. Without a doubt, year-round schooling could ease the burden of both teachers and students. Giving both the time and freedom to learn and teach at a reasonable pace. I believe that year-round schools should be at least an option in our district. First off, and very important to the students is that a year-round school gives students and teachers with a break every 2 months or so. Additionally, if we had the option of a year-round school then it would help to prevent some students from being taken out of school often for a family vacation to Mammoth or Mexico. Lastly, a year-round school would give the teachers a more time for teaching, ultimately letting them cover the required material more thoroughly. I believe that now is the time to change our educational system as we know it for the benefit of teachers, students and their parents! Our current system allows us to have one long drawn out break and other small inconsistent days off, while a year-round system gives students and teachers frequent days off. These days off are just that, no need to name it an official holiday. A year-round schedule gives the students and faculty a chance to reset and regenerate often. I think when it comes to breaks we can all agree we can all use a long weekend from time to time, lately with all the stresses in the world a frequent break may be need much more often than not! Currently, most school years start around the last week in August, although this date keeps getting earlier and earlier each year. Most students go to school for nine straight weeks, with a two week “winter break”. The students are back into it for a twelve week period followed with a week long “spring break”. Then the

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