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CASL Essay Assignment I would like to attend the CASL conference so that I can further my leadership journey. By going to CASL it will help me to grow in my abilities and qualities. When I grow, not only would I benefit myself as a better leader but our school would benefit also in their representation and leadership program. I would also like to attend CASL so that I can learn about service projects. I am very interested in starting a specific service project my junior year for CAS hours and this would be a great help to me with that. I think that I would be a valuable attendee to CASL because I am a freshman. Anything I learn can be used for all the rest of my four years of high school. I would also be a valuable attendee to the CASL conference because I would easily be able to make up the work that I miss on that Monday from school. I am also one of the older ones out of all my classmates so I would like to go to CASL so that I can learn to be a better leader to those who might look up to me. My classmates should vote for me to go to CASL because I would benefit the entire class. They should also vote for me because it would cause me to have more dedication to them. It would do that because I would be the one going, not one of them. Voting for me would allow them to have a better secretary for the rest of the year and possibly a better representative next year. By voting for me to go to CASL, my classmates would benefit because we would have a better & experienced leader in their class. I have shown major commitment and dedication to both leadership and my class. Every single day (even Mondays), I am early and ready to learn how to become a better leader. I have also been at almost every single workday the freshman class has had for all required events. I missed one because of a communication error and two others because I had prior commitments before

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