Year-Round Schooling: An Excellent Choice

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Year-Round Schooling is an Excellent Choice Jacqueline Dugan TESC Enc-102 (908)208-6156 Professor L. Gass July 29, 2012 Year-Round Schooling is an Excellent Choice. Solutions to problems usually do not come easy. They usually take time and someone's hard effort to invoke change and add in the failures to come up with the proper resolutions. One hot topic is the issue of education, which is at the forefront of President Obama's administration these days. How much, how long, who should have it and why are our children being out ranked by outside nations when it comes to education tests scores? The answer to these questions is already in existence today. Executing year-round schooling throughout the United States…show more content…
Many other factors also have come into play to try to change the stagnant year-round calendar, but this seems to be the last priority. This schedule came about in the nineteenth century. When schooling became a normal everyday thing (McFadden., 2012). The only issue was society was agricultural based. The traditional school calendar is based on the Agrarian cycle and it was made up to accommodate the farming families (McFadden., 2012). To be off during June, July and August was not a vacation, as we know it. During that time, it was a means of survival for the family. Without the time off for the students to plant and harvest crops families would never survive the long…show more content…
The "summer slide"(Maclean's, 2010) is where after three unproductive months of no schooling the students tend to forget the information taught from the previous year. A year-round schooling schedule that also implements intercession classes in their model are able to offer a wide variety of classes that cannot be given during the school year. If intercession is in place, the students can still come in on their off schedule for exciting studies such as music, art, sports, and many more subjects depending what the school is able to provide (Wildavsky,

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