Regular School Vs Year Round School Essay

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There are many reasons to choose year round schooling versus the standard schooling schedule. The first and most important reason that year round schooling is better is that it boosts test scores and retention rates. Another reason is that year round schooling provides different ways of scheduling the students’ school years to utilize the buildings and classrooms as well at the teachers and other staff. The third reason is that year round schooling helps parents keep a normal work and home schedule without the need of a caretaker for the long summer breaks. Here is a brief explanation from others of why schools should make the switch over from traditional school schedules to year round or modified schedules. The end result to be achieved is a better use of time and resources for everyone involved. "Once you're into that type of routine, we're making better use of our day [and] we're making better use of our time (St. Gerard)." Another main reason for a modified schedule is for the purpose of addressing the problem of “summer learning loss” (St. Gerard).…show more content…
While using the revised school schedule, ‘Children have the advantage of not losing information over the long summer,’ says Judith Jackson, who holds the post of principal of Franconia Elementary School in Fairfax County, Virginia. ‘They retain all that and it's great… Teachers don't have to spend a month to six weeks reviewing.’ Jackson's school has been making use of a modified schedule for the past five years” (St. Gerard). To continue, here are my reasons year round school should be mandatory. Some may over lap but this means they are strong reasons in others opinions as well as

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